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Increase coverage in your Java code

5 minute read

In this post we are going to talk about code coverage in your Java code. It’s important to have a high coverage but we have to consider other things apart fr...

10 common mistakes using exceptions in Java

5 minute read

In this post, we are going to go through some common mistakes using exceptions in java. Exceptions in Java are not an easy topic and different teams can have...


Technical debt

3 minute read

Do you know what it means to have debt? Is when you have to return to the bank money with interests. The more debt that you have, the worse, because you have...

Creating an Orika converter

2 minute read

If we think in a Java REST api that we want to build it would be a good practice that the requests objects of your api should not be used inside your appl...

Release on Friday

2 minute read

Release software to production is the action to deliver software to your customers. From the moment that somebody thinks of a good idea until we release it, ...

Developing before and after Docker

3 minute read

Before Docker When I started my carrer as a software developer in 2009 and I had to develop an application I needed to install all the services before starti...

Experiment, measure and learn

2 minute read

Experiment instead of investigating Nowadays it’s more important than ever to use data in order to take decisions to evolve your product/service to be custom...

Benefits of using kafka and first steps

3 minute read

The traditional approach to store data Imagine that you have an application that writes in the database every time that a customer searches/buys a product. T...

Learn by doing - My first android app

3 minute read

This is a statement that is used nowadays in the software development industry but this is a concept that can be used in a lot of environments and discipline...


Improving performance of JPA queries

5 minute read

Why use JPA? JPA stands for Java persistence api and describes the management of relational data in applications using the Java platform.

Update to the last version

4 minute read

Is it necessary to update the software? Sometimes non technical people don’t understand why its necessary to migrate an application in your mobile phone, or ...

The importance of Code review

3 minute read

I think code review is one of the most important things in software development nowadays. Code quality makes software maintainable and makes the job easier f...

How to manage Maven dependencies

3 minute read

When you create a Java project using Maven as a dependency management you can include all the dependencies that you want in your repository. A possible struc...

Tips to write clean code

3 minute read

In this post I will go through the most useful rules that I follow to write clean code. You would wonder why it’s important to write clean code, well, for th...


Tips to read and understand code

8 minute read

The following list contains my personal tips for reading code of other developers. We spend a lot of time reading code of other people and knowing how to do ...

Retrospectives - Learning from the past

2 minute read

Look back in the last month and see what you did, which projects you participated in, which meetings you attended, how are the dinamics inside your team, wha...

Slow builds and fast deploys

2 minute read

What would you think if your developers have to wait for a long time before trying the code changes that they have just coded? I remember 5 years ago a proje...

Compilaciones lentas y despliegues rápidos

2 minute read

¿Qué pensarías si tus desarrolladores tuvieran que esperar mucho tiempo antes de probar los cambios de código que acaban de codificar? Recuerdo hace 5 años u...